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Kids Come First Day Nursery

25 - Apr - 2015

kids come first day nursery - providers of high quality childcare in Swansea for your peace of mind


Childcare in Swansea

Welcome to Kids Come First Day Nursery

At kids come first we understand that it is a difficult choice choosing a nursery. to help you in your desision we have listed some services that make us different from other nurseries

firstly i would have to say it is the staff at kids come first that make us different, because it is the staff team who make the children's day and learning fun and memoriable. parents always give staff positive feedback saying how much their children love coming to nursery and how much fun they have when here.

  • Our nursery is registered for 49 children under the age of 8 years
  • after school club for over 8 years in seperate area from main nursery
  • we have a large building with seperate rooms for the childrens ages and abilities
  • soft play room
  • low staff turnover
  • we aim to help parents meet the demands of childcare, so we offer services to help you, this includes picking up from home, taking and picking up from school
  • we have an enclosed, safe and secure play ground at rear of building
  • walks to the local parks and beaches
  • we have parent parking at rear of building
  • shop and drop on saturdays (booking only)
  • close to city center


£34 full day which includes all food (breakfast, snack, dinner and tea)

£21 for half day (4.5 hours) you decide the hours you require

£8 per hour

Kids come first Day Nursery is registered for 49 children under the age of eight.

we have a seperate room for the different ages and abilities, which we have split in to:

baby room birth to two years 1 adult : 3 babies

toddler room two to three years 1 adult : 4 toddlers

little learners room three to seven years 1 adult : 8 little learners


  • Kids come first day nursery providing parents with high class childcare in swansea
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